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Drug Recall lawyer Dana Taschner is one of the most respected trial lawyers in the United States. After representing numerous individuals in pharmaceutical cases throughout the United States, and upon the arrival of the Internet as a communication tool in the 1990s, Dana founded Drug Recalls to provide helpful news and legal information about significant drug recalls impacting millions of consumers. 

Dana has been involved in many of the most significant and serious Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or manufacturer drug recalls in history, including: Silicone Gel Breast Implants (FDA ban in 1992), Norplant (birth control implant recall), Fen-Phen (diet drugs recalled in September 1997), Rezulin (diabetes drug recalled in March 2000), Sulzer (hip device recalled in 2000), Baycol (cholesterol drug recalled in August 2001), Zyprexa (schizophrenia drug warning of 2004), Ortho Evra (birth control patch recalled in 2004) Avandia (diabetes drug recalled in July 2007), Paxil (SSRI Black Box Warning 2004), and Depuy Recall (hip device recalled in August 2010). Dana represented thousands of consumers adversely affected by these products after serious side effects or deaths were reported in connection to these pharmaceuticals. Dana has filed the first legal claim in the Courts of the United States following FDA or manufacturer recall in certain national recall cases. 

For twenty consecutive years Dana has been awarded the highest national AV-rating (preeminent) for his legal ability and ethics based on reviews by judges and lawyers.  Dana was awarded the American Bar Association's Sole Practitioner of the Year from a field of 400,000 lawyers, and the United States Senate honored Dana with a Senate Tribute, stating, "Taschner has achieved national recognition… Taschner truly brings honor to his profession." The Senate Majority Leader read into the Congressional Record, "Mr. Taschner's devotion to fighting oppression earned him the American Bar Association's Lawyer of the Year award."

As a young boy, Dana experienced severe asthma and was prescribed many prescription drugs that were not effective for him and caused unwanted side effects.  Dana eventually overcame his asthma through diet (that he continues to this day) and disciplined exercise as a nationally recognized water polo player.  Prior to becoming a lawyer and while still in college, Dana considered a career in medicine. Following his selection as National Science Foundation Scholar, Dana was hired by esteemed obstetrician George Harris, MD, Director of Obstetrics & Gynecology at renowned Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, California. While working in the Obstetrics & Gynecology Department at Cedars Sinai, Dana worked directly under Dr. Harris. Obstetrics is the division of medicine that focuses on the care of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the time immediately following childbirth. Obstetrics also includes the practice of surgery as it pertains to childbirth, including caesarian sections, also known as C-sections. The Cedars Sinai Hospital medical practice in which Dana worked was a combination of obstetrics and gynecology, the specialty of women's reproductive health.

Following the emotional delivery of two babies born with birth defects thought to be linked to poor prenatal care or prescription drugs that had been used by the mother during pregnancy, Dana decided that his deep interest in medicine and helping people would be most productive in a career related to law. 

As a lawyer, Dana has helped shape the course of significant drug recall litigation and developed a national reputation as one of the finest lawyers in the country. 

Drug Recalls has provided thousands of consumers with information about prescription drug recalls, warnings, and side effects.

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